How will future technology impact finance professionals?

On Tuesday July 4th, OnGuard hosted a networking event for credit and finance professionals, along with a fascinating presentation from Greg Williams, editor-in-chief of WIRED, on the future of technology.

Wired Editor in Chief Greg Williams at the OnGuard Academy London The free event took place at Shoreditch’s Runway East, in the heart of London’s thriving tech community. It was attended by professionals from a variety of industries, many of whom found it to be a thought-provoking and informative presentation, providing an accurate and balanced picture of what’s going on now and what the future potentially holds.

During his talk, Greg covered an array of topics and described how various developments have already changed the world, as well as how we can expect our interaction with technology to continue to evolve.

Just some of the topics he discussed included:

  • How the world is taking on a ‘digital layer’ – We are connecting with the web in new ways and on a highly individualized basis. No industry is immune to this, and there is a tremendous opportunity for businesses who are willing to embrace these changes.
  • How technology is improving customer interactions – Technology can surpass humans in terms of efficiency, efficacy, and speed. It can also be used to collect data in new ways for greater insight.
  • How advances in some industries will lead to fundamental shifts – For example, as autonomous vehicles become more widespread, it is expected that there will be a drop in vehicle ownership. Instead, car use is predicted to eventually be provided as a subscription-style service.
  • How we’re moving beyond text-based technology – Voice and visual content are going to provide new experiences, while interactive bots (artificial intelligence software that mimics human interaction) will be increasingly used to manage the customer experience.
  • How the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing customer relationships – In many cases, IoT can take out the ‘middle man’, providing brands more opportunities to interact directly with consumers and gather data.
  • How further developments could lead to even more dramatic changes over the next 20-25 years – For example, the Blockchain is a group of highly networked computers that can act as a digital ledger, and it can both authenticate and verify online exchanges.

In an upcoming blog post, we’ll go into more detail about Greg’s presentation and share more of the technologies that he discussed.

Following Greg’s talk, attendees also got to hear from Nelie Noordenbos, manager at OnGuard’s partner firm Order2Cash. Nelie elaborated on many of the developments that Greg described, and focussed on how technology will drive the credit and finance professions in the near future.Order2Cash at the OnGuard Academy London

Once the presentations were over, those who attended the event had a chance to enjoy drinks and snacks, while discussing their thoughts with their colleagues. Attendees agreed that the afternoon was ‘fascinating and thought provoking’, ‘educative and informative’ and that it was “great to hear about technology trends and see the O2C capabilities for future consideration”.

Here at OnGuard, we believe that keeping up with technology is essential for ongoing success in every part of business, especially the client-facing aspects. Our credit management software is continuously updated to make the most of the latest developments, while also embracing the importance of human interactions.

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