IT and credit management – turning challenges into opportunities

Do your credit management results totally depend on IT, the right software and reliable computer hardware? Surely not! Your credit management policy and the skills of your team are far more important. However, appropriate systems, the certainty that everything is up to date and the confidence that assistance is at hand, can make the difference. Therefore good contact and collaboration between credit management and IT is vital. And if your information and computer systems are not providing optimal performance, it’s likely that your credit management department will suffer – leading to potentially unhappy clients and slower cash flow.

Hosted or on-premise?
In order for the IT organisation to run smoothly it is important to choose a service that suits the needs of your company. Many software solutions offer you the choice: hosted, on-premise, or a combination of the two. The right choice depends on the wishes and demands of your business. What aspects should you consider?

Data security
Many organisations may choose to keep their systems in-house due to data security issues. However, keeping your data on-premise doesn’t necessarily mean your data is safe.

The right hosting service offers you a safe and secure environment. Choose a solution with maximum security that enables you to stay in control at all times. And look the highest possible uptime and guarantees on high performance.

Maintenance & service
Hosting offers you a safe and secure environment for your software and can be scaled to your needs. Temporary hosting is an option if you wish to quick start a software implementation or need temporary extra capacity. An important advantage is the reliable forecast of monthly solution costs and related IT costs.

Choose a service that hosts, supports and maintains the technical environment in which your software operates. This way your environment is always up to date because implementation of software updates are part of the service. Extended service levels are often available too; you choose the option that fits you best!

On-premise IT can be expensive, and requires significant up-front capital to pay for hardware, as well as software licenses. Plus, the equipment can take up valuable office space and all those devices can hike up energy bills too.

Then, once you’re up and running, there’s also the cost of maintenance, upgrades and the salaries of a dedicated IT team – not to mention the potential for unexpected costs, like replacement equipment and new software releases.

Hosted IT, simplifies these costs significantly. You’ll have a predictable monthly payment and all the maintenance, running costs and updates are included.

As your business grows, you may need to change your IT to meet the new demands. If your data storage is all on-premise, scaling it up can be a big project – and an expensive one – as you’ll need to invest in new servers and other upgrades.

With hosted IT, scaling up is as simple as contacting your service manager and letting them know what has changed.

It doesn’t have to be permanent
Maybe you prefer to have your IT on-site but have a temporary need for hosting – such as an unexpected increase on demand or improvement project. Consider choosing a supplier that offers temporary hosting.

Temporary hosting is also convenient during implementation of a new system. This enables the process to go faster and ensures continuous stability throughout the project.

Find out more
When it comes to keeping your credit management and IT functions connected and running smoothly, there are benefits to both on-premises and hosted solutions. The right choice will depend on your business, and OnGuard can work with you, no matter which option you select.

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