Why OnGuard Cash Allocation

Save time

OnGuard Cash Allocation matches received payments against outstanding invoices in your OnGuard database and provides real-time payment information to your collectors preventing unnecessary communication with your customers. The software learns and improves over time.

Prevent unnecessary actions

OnGuard Cash Allocation makes payment information available to your collectors so you no longer risk calling up customers that have already paid. You do not bother your customers unnecessarily and you can spend your time on the right actions.

Integrate insights

OnGuard Cash Allocation integrates with OnGuard Connext to provide real-time payment information to your collectors. You will save time in your processes, prevent redundant work and enjoy the benefits of improved insight into customer behaviour.

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Everybody wins:

  • Your cash allocations team
  • Your collections team
  • Your management
  • Your customer

How does it work?

OnGuard Cash Allocation offers a very high level of automated allocation. A single data import from your back-office supports both your credit and collections team and your cash allocation process.

In addition to matches on payer, debtor and invoice, OnGuard Cash Allocation uses information on customer groups, promised payments and payment plans to increase the accuracy of matching. When a payment is matched to one or more invoices the real-time interface allows your collections team to prevent unnecessary customer contact.

Big names trust OnGuard

OnGuard has an impressive customer base spread across around 50 countries worldwide. Among our global clients are large international corporations, quoted companies as well as local enterprises.

Check our customer success cases and learn how OnGuard has helped customers achieve results in credit management.

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'Better structure is better insight and more time for true ‘value adding’ activities.'

Peter Heijblom, Mood Media

Peter Heijblom

Credit Manager, Mood Media

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