Return on investment

OnGuard has proven to be effective in delivering business benefits and real return on investment for years in the Dutch head office. Today it has therefore been implemented to five other countries and preparing more global divisions to follow.



  • Centralised overview
  • Highly tailored to local needs
  • Able to support any size of operation
  • Closer control over debtors portfolio’s
  • Minimising time chasing unpaid invoices
  • Adjustable parameters

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Dassen: ‚Our strategy is to adopt an international approach to our operations, and follow best practice, especially within business-critical areas such as credit management and credit risk. As we have grown internationally it has become crucial to have a centralised insight of credit management.’

Implementing OnGuard’s software solutions has enabled Athlon to build a sophisticated profile of customers, including payment terms, historic payment behaviour, disputes raised and credit scores. It has also helped predict when its customers may be getting into difficulty by spotting – and anticipating – early warning signs or red flags.’.

‚OnGuard allows us to follow an effective debtor strategy.’



Paul DassenPaul Dassen

Credit manager, Athlon Car Lease

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