5 reasons to automate accounts receivable

It turns out that AR is something that technology is really good at. Sorting through hundreds or thousands of invoices, and matching up data is a something of a speciality of computers – so why not let them do all the hard work for you?

5 calculations no credit manager should do by hand

An ambitious credit manager wants to achieve maximum results – results that are made visible through a number of measurements and metrics. Daily measurements from your credit management environment, showing the financial health of your receivables portfolio.

Great work needs great tools

When it comes to choosing the software you use in credit management, it’s good to remember that there aren’t really many „bad” tools. But there are lots of „wrong” tools. Check out which one is right for you!

The curse of the Tin Man – why technology will forever be in search of a heart

It has long been prophesised that one day robots will render human labour obsolete. However, rather than plunging society into the unknown of universal unemployment, artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise business while working alongside humans.
This is because technology lacks one vital possession that means it can never replace humans entirely: a heart.

Quick-fix or long-term results?

There are quick fixes and long-term solutions. Both options have their place and the right choice depends on what you need. Automating with the right tools will transform your SSC from a transactional hub to a place that adds serious value back to the board fast and will keep doing so in the long-term. So you don’t have to make that decision.

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