How to keep your CM skills up to date

Working in credit management – or any field, for that matter – it can be easy to get caught up in day-to-day responsibilities. But if you take a step back once in a while, you can often spot opportunities for improving how you do things.

For example, you could update your procedures, make small tweaks to your policies or even invest in new software that makes your job easier.

(That last one is something we at OnGuard are particular fans of – and if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you streamline your credit management process, please get in touch. But, what we really want to talk about today is keeping your skill set up to date.)

Our point here is that you need to keep finding ways to improve and grow. Otherwise, you might find – in a few months, or a couple of years – that you’ve fallen behind the competition and are terribly out of date in how you do things.

So how do you keep updating yourself and the way you do things?

Well, we’ve already mentioned one important part of this: taking an occasional step back and doing a bit of self-reflection. It’s so easy to get stuck in a loop, doing things you’ve always done because that’s how you’ve always done them. To prevent yourself from going around in circles, try to spot things that aren’t working, or that are slowing you down, and think of ways that you could change them around.

Maybe you write basically the same email ten times a day and could do with automating that process. Perhaps you are constantly chasing up other teams for current client information, and steps need to be taken to improve how these details are shared across your organization. Or you could just need a refresher on how to communicate with clients in the most proactive ways.

Once you’ve spotted areas where you need improvement, you can take steps to make positive changes to your routine – and these should help you to work more efficiently and effectively.

Here are some other ideas for how you can keep your skills up to date:

  • Take a course – Training doesn’t have to be specifically related to your specific job. General classes like time management and leadership can give you a new perspective and teach you a different way of doing things.
  • Do some reading – Subscribe to newsletters and blogs in your areas of expertise. These will help you keep up-to-date about what’s going on in the sector, tell about new tools and methods and keep you thinking about other ways of doing things.
  • Networking events – Getting out and talking to other people in your specialist area isn’t just for when you’re looking for a new job. It’s also a perfect opportunity to learn and improve.
  • Follow online webinars – No need to leave your desk and a great opportunity to learn new skills or get inspiration with a minimal time investment.
  • Talk to other departments – This will help you to understand what’s going on in your business as a whole.

One of our favorite things about training is that it gets you out of your normal headspace for a little while and gives you a chance to work a different part of your brain.

Even if you don’t decide to take on any of the new techniques you learned, or new methods, when you get back to your desk, you’ll probably feel refreshed, and ready to take on your tasks with a bit of extra energy – and that’s always a good thing!



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