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Quick-fix or long-term results?

There are quick fixes and long-term solutions. Both options have their place and the right choice depends on what you need. Automating with the right tools will transform your SSC from a transactional hub to a place that adds serious value back to the board fast and will keep doing so in the long-term. So you don’t have to make that decision.

3 minutes

Risk monitoring increasingly crucial

The National Association of Credit Management (NACM) warns credit professionals that a record-breaking $2 trillion of U.S. corporate debt will be coming due in the next five years and therefore you should be “on guard and prepare for any contingency”.

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Involving stakeholders – Whitepaper

Input van andere afdelingen binnen jouw bedrijf helpt jou om je werk beter te kunnen doen. Uiteindelijk werken jullie allemaal aan het zelfde doel! Maar hoe bundel je de krachten en maak je van samenwerken iets vanzelfsprekends?

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