Turnover and profit

SITA specialises in a large number of waste-related issues and employs waste specialists in each sector as well as all necessary equipment. This wide range of services and over 2,200 employees make SITA one of the largest waste companies in the Netherlands.



  • Bad debt reduced by 50%
  • 25% reduction of FTE
  • Improved DBO and DSO
  • Motivated employees
  • Improved quality and service to customers
  • Insight for management


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OnGuard and SAP

When SITA switched to SAP, management assumed that OnGuard would become redundant. Dijkers: ‘I feared that flexibility would be reduced and that it would be necessary to call on external consultants for every minor issue. I was able to use a business case to show that time and money could be save if OnGuard was used alongside SAP, and the two systems now function perfectly side by side. Changes are now transferred from SAP to OnGuard on a daily basis. Besides financial purposes, SITA also uses OnGuard to register and process its complaints. If necessary, we can also use OnGuard to initiate delivery stops.’


‘I always talk about customers, not debtors. SITA is service-oriented: the customers come first.’


Rick Dijkers

Rick Dijkers

Credit manager, Sita

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