Applied Medical is a rapidly growing, global organisation with over 2,600 team members, founded in 1987 and headquartered in Southern California active in more than 75 countries. Applied Medical is a leading provider of breakthrough technologies for Minimal Invasive and General Surgery.


  • More efficient credit management
  • Increased insight within the team
  • Appropiate customer-centric approach
  • Improved grip and assessment of risks
  • Flexibility

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Internal involvement

Van Zuilekom : ‘Credit management is literally situated between all other departments: Sales, Customer Service, Finance. I stimulate all departments to know as much as possible from each other, because I believe this contributes to the quality of each of them. We are working hard to integrate our credit management further with our sales department. Our sales team needs to be aware of the situation with the customer to enable maximal reach of our common goals. The awareness of the importance of credit management is growing within the organisation, but there are many more steps to be taken. First things first: but I am confident that a lot is to be accomplished yet using OnGuard..’

‘The flexibility of OnGuard makes appropriate approach for various groups possible.’

Michel van Zuilekom

Michel van Zuilekom

Credit manager, Applied Medical

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