A Blueprint for buying your order to cash solution

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When a construction team sets out to build a house, they don’t just start nailing boards together and hope they end up with a sturdy dwelling. The completed home might turn out OK without a plan – but it’s more likely to end up a bit wonky – with corners that don’t line up, draughty walls and a leaky roof.

That’s why builders use blueprints. These detailed instructions help to ensure a structure is fit for purpose – and they describe everything, from room dimensions to the locations of windows and doors.
While a blueprint is primarily used for creating physical objects, the term can be used to describe any type of comprehensive plan – and it’s a perfect tool for improving your credit management function.

What’s your existing credit management strategy?

Unless your business is brand new, you’ll already have some type of credit management strategy in place. However, for many businesses, these systems develop over time, without the policies being properly structured to the detailed level of a blueprint.

Join Michael Facey in this webinar and learn how you can build your blue print for your Order to cash cycle.

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