Turnover and profit

In 1847 the company C. Steinweg-Handelsveem B.V. has been founded, a company that specialises in logistical services in the broadest meaning of the word. The results of OnGuard in the Dutch branch did not go unnoticed. Steinweg is busy ever since to roll out the OnGuard software in new locations.’



  •  DSO halved from 76 to 35 days
  • 80% of communication is now digital
  • Improved communication between commercial and financial departments
  • From operational debt management to strategic credit management
  • Improved grip and overview
  • Improved insight in risk



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All about relationships

Steinweg values longstanding relationships instead of going for the short term wins and strongly believes this is the key to success. The relationship with the client and understanding of mutual wishes and needs is the fundament for all Steinweg’s activities and this needs to be respected in all credit management activities. Wendrich: ‘OnGuard fits our philosophy well because it does not only focus on achieving faster payments but also on positive and proactive communication that invests in long-term relationships with clients. In my opinion credit management is about communication even more than it is about figures.’


‘OnGuard fits our philosophy that values long-term relationships with clients.’


Bob Wendrich

Bob Wendrich

Credit Controller, C. Steinweg-Handelsveem

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