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ALcontrol Laboratories’ aim is to provide the very best Environmental and Food testing. With over 2,000 trained staff ALcontrol operates in 11 European countries and are expanding to take their services into new markets. ALcontrol deals with multiples, food manufacturers, councils, but also farmers that needs their milk tested.



  • Re-distributing the workload saved 1 credit controller
  • DSO decreased from 72 to 59 days in one sector of our business
  • Assign individual controllers to key areas of business
  • Manipulate customer data
  • Create multiple contacts
  • Automated dunning email processes


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Absolute visibility

‘Wherever I am, in the office or out of the office, I can pull data from OnGuard at any time. The real time information gives me confidence that even though I’m away from the office everything can still run smoothly because I can measure my team. And they are happy because everybody is working in the same way, they are all looking after one another and they feel they have got the right system to support their work. It does give you absolute visibility.

The only thing I am disappointed about is that I did not have OnGuard at my previous role. It has been a pleasure to join ALcontrol, a company that recognises the value of OnGuard. Four years down the line I can say that it has done a superb job for me. I would not hesitate recommending OnGuard to any other company.’

 ‘OnGuard manages our credit management system completely.’


Tony McCormickTony McCormick
Credit Manager, AlControl

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