OnGuard changes credit management

Service: OnGuard Secure Smart Email

Increase effectiveness and customer-oriented level of your credit management without extra cost or effort? OnGuard Secure Smart Email offers your customer the possibility to act on outstanding payments online. He can pay directly, enter a payment promise or leave a question or complaint.

Insight: OnGuard Data Bridge

How do you transform data into accurate information and aquire strategic insight that allows you to take sound business decisions with minimal risk. OnGuard Data Bridge is a robust and easily accessible database that will immediately save you time and money.

Efficiency: OnGuard Add Copy Invoice

Speed up and simplify your administration? With OnGuard Add Copy Invoice you can automatically attach a copy of the original invoice, or multiple invoices, to your reminder letters or e-mails. Using OnGuard to attach invoice copies, guarantees that things will not be overlooked.

Bundle: OnGuard Batch Letter Export

Speed up and simplify your correspondence? OnGuard Batch Letter Export offers faster and simplified (reminder) letter processing.
OnGuard history registration allows more reporting possibilities and thus a better insight into your clients.

Cash: OnGuard Interest & Costs

What are the costs of late payments, in terms of loss of interest for your organisation? OnGuard Interest & Costs offers insight into the cost of outstanding invoices. Calculate costs and pass them on to your client if you wish.

Big names trust OnGuard

OnGuard has an impressive customer base spread across around 50 countries worldwide. Among our global clients are large international corporations, quoted companies as well as local enterprises. 

Check our customer success cases and learn how OnGuard has helped customers achieve results in credit management.

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OnGuard provides structure and makes it possible to automate part of the work, but also offers the flexibility to decide to diverge from the ‘original’ planning.

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