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Great work needs great tools

When it comes to choosing the software you use in credit management, it’s good to remember that there aren’t really many “bad” tools. But there are lots of “wrong” tools. Check out which one is right for you!

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Using ERP for credit management? There’s a better way

ERPs are incredibly powerful tools that help a variety of business functions run more smoothly. However, specialist software is your best choice if you are looking for added functionality. The good news is that you do not have to make a choice, ERP and point solutions like OnGuard can perfectly enhance each other.

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OnGuard finalist in Main software 50

Main Software 50 (2016 edition) again shows that Dutch software companies grow significantly in sales volume, internationalization, profitability and employment. On average all KPIs improve significantly compared to last year.

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6 steps to a more persuasive email

Email is also fantastic for invoicing and payment. Electronic invoices can save you lots of time and money, and invoices will be with your customers almost immediately. That means, for the customers who don’t need any extra pushing, those invoices might be paid faster.

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