3 minutes

Right action, right person, right time

Timing is always on our minds. When’s the best time to send out an invoice? When’s the money due? How long should we give before chasing in a payment? So what can you do to help ensure you get the right action, the right person and the right timing for your order to cash process?

2 minutes

4 ways to turbocharge AR

How can you speed up the AR process, while also reducing errors and improving cash flow? By automating AR, you can improve your own data, get payments processed faster and free up time so your AR team can provide better customer service.

2 minutes

How can annual accounts help you avoid credit risk?

How do you determine the amount of credit you’re willing to give a customer? Annual accounts can help you make a more informed decision and help you avoid credit risk. It can also help you to make predictions about a company’s future success, which could lead to future opportunities for your organisation.

2 minutes

6 reasons why we collections

What’s more important the technology that you are using or the people that work with it? Technology is great, because it can help make your job so much easier, automating collections processes, collecting information and analysing information. But we also believe that people are, and will remain, integral to the collections process.