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Insight & Transparency: Essential

Insight into credit management data is essential for organisations willing to optimise their credit, collections and complaints management by means of strong customer relationships. Read more about the results achieved by Sodexo and Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

Benchmarking: where do you start?

Benchmarking can take many forms, but essentially involves gathering and analysing data that allows you to compare performance between one function or organisation and another. Implementing a strong benchmarking process means adhering to a simple set of principles. There are different ways of going about this. Internal benchmarking involves comparing your own credit management function to another in the same industry. Functional benchmarking compares internal functions such as credit management with peers in other firms across any industry, while competitive benchmarking involves directly studying competitors.

A Guide to better gap analysis

Measure the performance of your credit management. How do you measure the performance of credit management within your organisation? There are different ways which each have their benefits and drawbacks. Two popular methods are gap analysis and benchmarking. Read on to find out more about gap analysis and check Link to article benchmarking for actionable pointers on benchmarking and more inspiration to improve your credit management.

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OnGuard appoints Bert van der Zwan as future CEO

As of March 1st 2016, Bert van der Zwan has joined the management team of OnGuard. On July 1st Van der Zwan will take over the CEO position from Dave Taylor. Van der Zwan has over twenty years of experience in IT and Finance gained in leadership positions at WebEx, 3Com, Twinfield, Rally and Unit4.

Are you giving your CFO the right information?

Since the chief financial officer (CFO) looks after the business’s overall economic performance, the actions and performance of the credit management team should be high on his or her list of priorities. Therefore, it’s essential for the CFO and credit management teams to work closely together. Establishing good communication is vital. The credit management team…

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