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Strict ethics or “cash is king”

The choice between treating your customer as a king or following your belief ‘cash is king’ is not all black and white. There is nothing unethical about a friendly request to your customer to comply with the agreements that you have set with him.

OnGuard Application Management as a Service

OnGuard Application Management as a Service (AMaaS) offers you more flexibility and lower risk. OnGuard AMaaS is the ideal solution if you want flexibility, increased stability, full software functionality and professional application management from experienced professionals.

OnGuard Data Bridge

The possibilities offered by the OnGuard Data Bridge make it easy to transform data into information. This robust and easy accessible database has a low impact on your organisation and will give you important strategic insights to allow you to take sound business decisions based on accurate information with minimal risk.

OnGuard Cash Allocation

Integrating OnGuard Cash Allocation and OnGuard credit management software into a single system provides a powerful tool for integrated accounts receivables automation. OnGuard Cash Allocation matches received payments against outstanding invoices in your OnGuard database and provides real-time payment information to your collectors preventing unnecessary communication with your customers.

OnGuard Connext Hosting

OnGuard Connext is available as an on-premise or as a hosted solution. Your choice depends on your specific requirements and situation; and because your organisation is not a static environment hosting is available both as a temporary or permanent solution. You can choose hosting to quick start the implementation of OnGuard Connext, as a temporary service in a reorganisation or for continuous stability. In all cases you will have peace of mind, full software functionality and low pressure on IT all at a predictable monthly investment.

OnGuard Connext Brochure

OnGuard is designed to make your credit & collections management simple and effective. Stop spending so much time on preparations and manual tasks. OnGuard shows you the necessary actions and priorities so you can get started straight away. You can now spend time on your customers to realise faster payments and strengthen the relationship.

OnGuard Expertise

Successful credit management is about increasing predictability and reducing the risk of your accounts receivables. We are passionate about what we do: helping our customers achieve better results in credit management. For over 20 years we are dedicated to developing software and proving that credit management is not rocket science but a powerful business function that can save your business time and money.

OnGuard Insight and Analysis

OnGuard helps you to turn data into valuable information. This allows you to make better business decisions and reduce risk. OnGuard offers many ways to disclose information, you can choose the type of reporting that suits you the best.

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