Are you giving your CFO the right information?

Since the chief financial officer (CFO) looks after the business’s overall economic performance, the actions and performance of the credit management team should be high on his or her list of priorities. Therefore, it’s essential for the CFO and credit management teams to work closely together. Establishing good communication is vital. The credit management team…

Better processes: what’s in it for your customer?

Focus on your customer Streamline data management A single repository for client information reduces duplication and ensures that the most recent data is communicated throughout the business in real time. Increase transparency The right software enables relevant functions to view the information they need and it provides a high level of insight that can be…

4 Top tips for motivating customers

Sure, your credit management team works hard to chase up payments – making phone calls and sending out invoices – but maybe a more proactive approach could help you get things moving even faster. Check out these 4 top tips for motivating your customers.

Will credit managers be redundant in 2025?

The business world is constantly changing – what’s commonplace today may be completely gone tomorrow. Credit management is certainly not immune from big, industry-wide changes. But what does the future hold for credit managers? Will the role even be around in ten years’ time?

Webinar recording: Planning a successful 2016

2016 is an opportunity to make a fresh start professionally. But as a credit manager the next challenge is already ahead of you: what are the plans for this year? What is going to be the road to success for you and your team? You need a solid plan! If you want a simple and powerful framework to plan the coming year, watch the recording of this webinar! .

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