5 quick fixes to prevent late payments

Late payments left UK SMEs £266 billion out of pocket in 2016. Add to that the late payments for larger organizations, and it’s easy to see how much of an effect late payments can have on individual businesses, as well as the economy as a whole. Late payments are a problem for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Where do you start if you want to prevent them? Check out these 5 things you can do right now!

IT and credit management: turning challenges into opportunities

Do your credit management results totally depend on IT, the right software and reliable computer hardware? Surely not! Your credit management policy and the skills of your team are far more important. However, appropriate systems, the certainty that everything is up to date and the confidence that assistance is at hand, can make the difference. Therefore good contact and collaboration between credit management and IT is vital.

OnGuard Application Management as a Service

OnGuard Application Management as a Service (AMaaS) offers you more flexibility and lower risk. OnGuard AMaaS is the ideal solution if you want flexibility, increased stability, full software functionality and professional application management from experienced professionals.

OnGuard Connext Hosting

OnGuard Connext is available as an on-premise or as a hosted solution. Your choice depends on your specific requirements and situation; and because your organisation is not a static environment hosting is available both as a temporary or permanent solution. You can choose hosting to quick start the implementation of OnGuard Connext, as a temporary service in a reorganisation or for continuous stability. In all cases you will have peace of mind, full software functionality and low pressure on IT all at a predictable monthly investment.