Why people power remains essential in our high-tech world

Why people power remains essential in our high-tech world. Despite recent news stories about how robots are going to take over most jobs in the next 20 years, the majority of experts believe that people will continue to play an important role in business.

New legislation to prepare for in 2017

For those in the credit and collections industries, it can be a challenge to keep up with new regulations and requirements. Check out these three new bits of legislation that you’ll want to start preparing for as soon as possible:

Top tips for managing cash flow during Brexit

The CICM and FSB created a new guide, titled Managing Cash Through Brexit. In the guide, you’ll find a series of questions to help assess your company’s current risk profile, and it offers a list of ten tips to help manage cash.

Will new payment reporting rules strengthen customer-supplier relationships?

A lot of companies are dealing with the problem of late payments. Many initiatives have been started to try and encourage businesses to pay on time, but none of these have solved the issue entirely. This month new financial reporting rules will come into effect in the UK, requiring big businesses to post their payment records on a government website.