Inspiring and interactive OnGuard Academy “Time to change”

Professional trainer Rudolf Juliet lead the OnGuard Academy workshop about Change Management. He started the discussion on what change means and we discussed what the best way is to cooperate with people, managers, team-members, customers of a different or equal communication style.

Are you giving your CFO the right information?

Since the chief financial officer (CFO) looks after the business’s overall economic performance, the actions and performance of the credit management team should be high on his or her list of priorities. Therefore, it’s essential for the CFO and credit management teams to work closely together. Establishing good communication is vital. The credit management team…

Partner Agreement Mazume Solutions and OnGuard

Mazume Solutions Inc and OnGuard are convinced of a fruitful collaboration: they share important elements in their business approach: both aiming to offer state of the art solutions and helping clients to integrate these into their business processes. The combination of OnGuard’s truly global solution with local implementation ensures customers of a low risk – high value project.

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